Industry Prioritites

As the only association in Washington representing the interests of the entire construction community, AGC and its Chapters work tirelessly with members to protect the industry and support infrastructure investment. AGC continuously monitors and reviews construction-related legislation, helps crafts legislative position and represents AGC before the State Legislature. By professionally and effectively representing the interests and concerns of contractors, AGC works to ensure that government fully understands the needs of the ENTIRE construction industry. AGC is neither narrow in focus nor limited in scope. No other trade association covers as wide a variety of important construction issues. AGC strives to create a strong, vibrant, competitive and safe construction market. AGC has experts and activists that make sure that the construction voice is heard on key issues.Your membership is an investment in the future of your industry

Industry Priortities

We speak loudest when we speak together.
AGC gives a voice to businesses which would otherwise be silenced. As the oldest and largest construction association our strong relationships with the City, State, and Federally elected officials, the AGC ensures that pro-business policies are implemented for the success of the construction industry.