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AGC of America membership can be obtained by joining a local Chapter AGC.

Located in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) is the leading association for the construction industry. Operating in partnership with its nationwide network of Chapters, AGC provides a full range of services satisfying the needs and concerns of its members, thereby improving the quality of construction and protecting public interest.

AGC was established in 1918 after a request by President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson recognized the construction industry’s national importance and desired a partner with which the government could discuss and plan for the advancement of the nation. AGC has been fulfilling that mission for more than 100 years.

A full service national trade association with a nationwide network of exceptional chapters, AGC represents more than 33,000 leading firms in the industry – including general contractors, specialty contractors, service providers and suppliers. AGC members play a powerful role in sustaining economic growth, in addition to producing structures that add to productivity and the nation’s quality of life. AGC is truly the “voice and choice” of the construction industry.

To become a member of AGC of America, you must first become a member of a local AGC Chapter. When a company joins an AGC chapter, their employees automatically become eligible to take advantage of all AGC benefits and services at both that chapter and added value of membership in AGC of America.

We look forward to welcoming you to the premier construction trade association, The Associated General Contractors of America.
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Celebrating 100 Years!

AGC of America has been the leading association for over a century!

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