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AGC South Texas offers a wide variety of useful resources for the construction industry through collaboration with members and industry partners who contribute time, energy and knowledge and serve on committees.

COVID-19 Relief Services Jobsite Posters and Resources

Many of us felt the devastating effects of COVID-19. The Associated General Contractors South Texas Chapter is here to better serve our community as we reopen our city together. Contractors are playing a key role in recovery and restoring services in South Texas. We recommend to choose local contractors who are established in the community and well recognized for the quality of work. We are here to support and assist you as you reopen. The South Texas Chapter is working together with chapters across the country and AGC of America to provide the best resources and updated information available to our members. The site and documents will be updated as resources become available. Please enact best practices on your job sites, within your place of business and at your homes. Share information with family and friends on how universal precautions outlined in the Resource Document can help curtail the spread of COVID-19.

AGC will keep you informed about State and Federal guidelines for the construction industry.

Please visit us online: and the AGC Connection app HERE frequently for any updates.

AGC Launches Website To Show How Construction Industry Is Protecting Construction Workers highlights many of the steps firms are taking to protect workers and includes photos of different examples of these practices

AGC of America’s National COVID-19 Safety Stand Down Resources 
(includes tool box talks, job site posters, and more)

OSHA 3394 – English: Ten Steps All Workplaces Can Take to Reduce Risk of Exposure to Coronavirus
OSHA 3395 – Spanish: Diez Medidas que Todos los Lugares de Trabajo Pueden Tomar para Prevenir la Exposición al Coronavirus

COVID-19 Recommended Practices for Construction Jobsites English; Spanish

DOL/OSHA COVID-19 Resources
The Department of Labor has released three animated videos provide quick tips on social distancing, disinfecting workplaces and industry risk factors to keep workers safe from COVID-19

Jobsite / Office Practices
· Be sure to communicate key CDC recommendations (and post signage where appropriate) to your staff and tradespeople:
How to Protect Yourself
If You are Sick or Caring For Someone
COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions


Strategies to Improve Workplace Vaccination Rates and Preparing for Various Mandates resource center



Stay informed on new developments

Member Services for COVID-19

STBP Inc.’s Facility Maintenance division is offering a new Interior Disinfecting Service for your offices and facilities!
STBP can sanitize your office utilizing a non-odor and non-corrosive spray called Vita Oxide. Vital Oxide kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, fungus, mold and mildew at the source, and has been approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. A 4,000sqft. office can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Vital Oxide will not damage paint, wood, carpet, etc. and is not harmful to humans or animals.
Help your employees and customers feel safe by spraying your office today!
Please reach out to Lindsey Lomax at 361-299-5462
or visit our stbp website for more information.

Hand Sanitizers
The following distilleries are selling hand sanitizers in bulk form:
Special Signage/Posters

• ARC Document Solutions: Commonly-used posters and signs from CDC are available for production (361) 882-7471

Occucare International: Offers nation-wide occupational medical telemedicine services for injury consultation and triage, as well as COVID-19 consultation. Contact Yvonne Garza (361) 774-2773
Emergency Responses
Occucare International located in Portland, Texas can assist your company with our Onsite Emergency Response Services/Rescue Team
Please contact: Yvonne Garza, Account Representative

361-774-2773 (cell) or email at for additional information and pricing. More info

COVID-19 Testing
Occucare International located in Portland, Texas performs COVID-19 testing.
Please contact: Yvonne Garza, Account Representative

361-774-2773 (cell) or email at for additional information and pricing. More info

The Cintas AGC Discount Program provides Uniform & Facility Services Rental and National First Aid & Safety Services to any location that choose to participate at pricing which reflects Associated General Contractors of America’s nationwide buying power. With 10,000 trucks across North America, Cintas has the resources to help keep your business clean and safe with hygiene products, laundered uniform, first aid products, personal protective equipment (PPE), and fire protection services.
 Bulk order of Hand Sanitizer and Face Shields are available for AGC’s members.

Contact Cintas via email at with SUBJECT: AGC KN95 Mask Inquires, Hand Sanitizer Inquires or Thermometer Inquires or fill out the form at

GSM Insurors
Learn more about all of AGC’s Member Discount

Have a product or service?

If you have a product or service for AGC Members for COVID 19 or are a member who offers a service please let us know!

Summary of Available COVID-19 Workplace Resources

For Nueces County, including at La Palmera Mall, American Bank Center, and Robstown Fairgrounds, register at

  • La Palmera Mall (for more information call 361-561-1101)
    • Monday – Saturday 10am – 8pm
    • Sundays 11am – 6pm

Driscoll Children’s Hospital is continuing Second Dose Pfizer Appointments at

Local Pharmacies:

OSHA recently revamped and continues to update its COVID-19 webpage with guidance for employers and workers.

Other COVID-19 resources:

  • Department of Labor webpage with guidance from OSHA and other DOL agencies
  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) webpage provides COVID-19 resources for the protection of workers
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) webpage (see, in particular, section for Businesses and Workplaces)
  • CPWR- The Center for Construction Research and Training continues to update its COVID-19 Clearinghouse, a repository of guidance, tools, and resources for construction employers and workers. Recent additions include an Exposure Control Planning Tool and three new infographics.
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Back to Work Safely webpage provides industry-specific guidance on safely reopening
  • National Safety Council (NSC) SAFER: Safe Actions for Employee Returns provides guidance for returning to traditional work environments


EEOC Updates and COVID-19 Technical Assistance Resources: EEOC

General Resources by Agency

Department of Labor
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSHA’s primary resource is the COVID-19 Safety and Health Topics Page
This page is being updated routinely and we encourage you to review it frequently. General guidance released and housed on this page includes:
• Poster, now available in 13 languages: Ten Steps All Workplaces Can Take to Reduce Risk of Exposure to Coronavirus Poster
Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 (Spanish)
• Alert: Prevent Worker Exposure to Coronavirus (Spanish)
Worker Exposure Risk to COVID-19 (Spanish)
COVID-19 Hazard Recognition
COVID-19 Control and Prevention
• NEW resources on wearing respirators:
o Video on Putting on and Taking off a Mask
o Seven Steps to Correctly Wear a Respirator at Work   (Spanish)

Enforcement Memorandums: Eight (8) memorandums related to COVID-19 are in effect and intended to be time-limited to the current public health crisis:
• 04/24/2020- Enforcement Guidance on Decontamination of Filtering Facepiece Respirators in Healthcare During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic
• 04/16/2020 – Discretion in Enforcement when Considering an Employer’s Good Faith Efforts During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic
• 04/13/2020 – Interim Enforcement Response Plan for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for handling COVID-19-related complaints, referrals, and severe illness reports
• 04/10/2020 – Enforcement Guidance for Recording Cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
• 04/08/2020 – Expanded Temporary Enforcement Guidance on Respiratory Protection Fit-Testing for N95 Filtering Facepieces in All Industries During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic
• 04/03/2020 – Enforcement Guidance for Use of Respiratory Protection Equipment Certified under Standards of Other Countries or Jurisdictions During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic
• 04/03/2020 – Enforcement Guidance for Respiratory Protection and the N95 Shortage Due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic – [1910.134 App B-1]
• 03/14/2020 – Temporary Enforcement Guidance – Healthcare Respiratory Protection Annual Fit-Testing for N95 Filtering Facepieces During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Wage and Hour Division (WHD)
WHD’s Primary Resource is its WHD COVID-19 Official Webpage, which provides information on the implementation of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
CDC’s primary resource is the CDC COVID-19 Official Webpage.
This page is being updated routinely and we encourage you to review it frequently. Recent guidance released and housed on this page includes:
CDC COVID-19 Guidance Documents
Resources for Businesses and Employers
o Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers
o Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility
Cases of COVID-19 in the U.S.

Additional Resources by Industry Sector

Healthcare Industry Resources:
OSHA/State Plans:
Healthcare Workers and Employers
Emergency Response Workers and Employers
Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Guidance for Business and Workers (includes guidance for Healthcare)
South Carolina OSHA COVID-19 in Dental Settings

Emergency Medical Services
Healthcare Professionals
Infection Prevention and Control
Ambulatory Care
Dental Settings

Transportation Industry Resources:
Package Delivery   (Spanish)
Airline Operations
Border Protection and Transportation Security
Solid Waste and Wastewater Management

Transit Station
Transit Maintenance
Rail Transit Operators
Bus Transit Operators
Airline Catering Truck Drivers and Helpers
Aircraft Maintenance
Airline Customer Service Representatives and Gate Agents
Airport Custodial Staff
Mail and Parcel Delivery Drivers

Retail, Service, and Manufacturing Industry Resources:
OSHA/State Plans:
Retail Workers   (Spanish)
Retail Workers and Employers in Critical and High Customer-Volume Environments
Manufacturing Industry Workforce   (Spanish)
In-Home Repair Services
Restaurants & Beverage Vendors Offering Takeout or Curbside Pickup   (Spanish)
Wyoming OSHA Protecting Grocery & Other Essential Workers from COVID-19
Food and Grocery Pick-up and Delivery Drivers
Rideshare, Taxi, Limo, and Other Passenger Drivers-for-Hire

Construction Industry Resources:
OSHA/State Plan:
COVID-19 Guidance for the Construction Workforce   (Spanish)
California OSHA COVID-19 Infection Prevention in Construction
Nevada OSHA COVID-19 Letter for Construction Industry
Oregon OSHA COVID-19: Job Health, Safety Resources for Oregon Contractors

CPWR- The Center for Construction Research and Training
Guidance on COVID-19   (Spanish)
Toolbox Talk on COVID-19   (Spanish)
COVID-19 Construction Clearinghouse

The General Building Contractors Association
COVID-19 Recommended Job Site Protocols
PowerPoint Presentation: COVID-19 Recommended Job Site Protocols

OSHA/State Plan:
Oregon/OSHA Temporary rule addressing the COVID-19 emergency in employer-provided housing, labor-intensive agricultural operations, and agricultural transportation
North Carolina DOL Guidance Alert for Farm Workers

Meatpacking and Food Processing
OSHA/CDC Joint Interim Guidance for Meat and Poultry Processing Workers and Employers
Minnesota OSHA Protecting grocery store workers
North Carolina DOL Health and Safety Guidelines for Food Processing

Other Industry Resources:
Postmortem Care
Correctional Facility operations
Environmental Services (i.e., janitorial, cleaning services)

Prepare Your Small Business and Employees for the Effects of COVID-19
COVIDView: A Weekly Surveillance Summary of U.S. COVID-19 Activity

Employer Resources:
U.S. Department of Labor Fraud Alert
Employer Work Refusal Documentation
Unemployment Benefits
Tax Department
Appeals Notice
Precautions for Employers
Mass Claims and Shared Work Programs
Fraud Prevention
SBA Payroll Protection Plan
LIFT Fund COVID-19 assistance


Stay informed on new developments

Construction Data

Construction is a major contributor to the U.S. economy. The industry has more than 680,000 employers with over 7 million employees and creates nearly $1.3 trillion worth of structures each year. Construction is one of the largest customers for manufacturing, mining and a variety of services.

AGC of America provides economic information about the construction industry through:

  • The Data DIGest, a weekly one-page summary of economic news relevant to construction
  • State fact sheets covering historical and current information on construction spending and employment in each state
  • Press releases and tables covering national, state and metro-level construction employment, spending, prices and special surveys
  • PowerPoints, webinars and in-person presentations. Contact Chief Economist Ken Simonson for schedule.
The Key Role of Construction in Each State’s Economy

AGC has compiled on the role of the construction in the economy and employment in the United States, each state and major metro areas. Click on a state to see fact sheet for it.

More Resources

Construction Materials
Construction Spending
Construction Employment

Culture of Care

The Culture of CARE is an initiative created in partnership between the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and the AGC of Washington to advance the construction industry as the industry of choice for diverse and talented workers by building inclusive work environments in construction firms nationwide.
Please consider having your company make the commitment and take the Culture of CARE pledge.
For more information visit

Working Safe

Few industries are as well suited to protecting workers as the construction industry. Contractors are used to following complex and ever-changing safety rules and finding ways to make inherently dangerous work safe. The coronavirus has forced firms to change the way they operate to maintain that commitment to safety. This explains why the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Administration has identified construction as one of the sectors is encourages state and local officials to allow to continue operating.
For more information visit

AGC Charities

AGC Charities, Inc. was established in 2008 as a charitable organization to carry out the charitable activities of The Associated General Contractors of America and operates exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3).
For more information visit

Consensus Docs

AGC Members receive a 20% discount on all ConsensusDocs subscriptions.

Whether working at the office, from the road or even at home, the ConsensusDocs platform provides instant access to your contract documents from any computer through a secure web-based portal. Simply log in to your personalized dashboard to locate recent projects, edit contracts, review changes made by your collaborators or start a new contract using any of our 100+ contract templates. With a 10-year track record of successful projects being completed using ConsensusDocs contracts and the first to address emerging trends in IPD, BIM, green building, and LEAN construction, ConsensusDocs is becoming the industry’s default standard contract documents. With the support of 40+ endorsing design and construction industry associations representing designers, owners, contractors, subcontractors and surities including the AGC of America, AGC Members achieve better project results by using contracts that have less transactional costs – namely litigation, claims, contingencies, and contentious contract negotiations.

AGC Endorses ConsensusDocs Contracts

AGC is a founding endorsing organization to the ConsensusDocs, a coalition comprising of 40 leading organizations. With a catalog of 100+ standard construction contracts (link is external), ConsensusDocs contracts help reduce costly claims and risk contingencies by fairly allocating risk and incorporating best practices with understandable contracts that facilitate contract administration.

Construction Practices Have Evolved, So Should Your Contracts
Whether working at the office, from the road or even at home, the ConsensusDocs platform provides instant access to your contract documents from any computer through a secure web-based portal. Simply log-in and your personalized dashboard makes it easy to locate recent projects, edit contracts, review changes made by your collaborators or start a new contract using any of our 100+ contracts. 

ConsensusDocs contracts are continuously updated to keep pace with the latest changes in construction practices and legal updates. From agreements specifically addressing issues such as building information modeling (BIM), green construction or design-build, our standardized contracts, developed by a coalition of leading industry experts, mean you are assured your projects have the best contractual foundation possible

AGC members receive a 20% discount with code AGC100 at

Contract Technology Platform

Access your contracts anytime through a secure personalized dashboard that makes it easy to edit, review changes, or start new a contract. The Platform is:
– EASY TO EDIT – Microsoft Word®-based technology for easy editing and collaboration
– EASY TO COLLABORATE – Invite anyone to collaborate on your contract for free – you control editing rights.
– CREATE FAVORITES – At the click of a button, save ConsensusDocs contracts modified to meet your unique needs
– VERSION CONTROL – Powerful comparison tools track all changes from the standard and each negotiated draft.

ConsensusDocs are the only standard contracts endorsed by 40 leading design and construction industry associations representing designers, owners, contractors, subcontractors and sureties, including the AGC of America.

For more information visit

Surety Bonding and Contracting

Welcome to AGC’s online library of information on surety bonding, insurance, contract administration and other instruments of construction risk management. Below are links to reports, papers/presentations, articles and other virtual learning tools developed to help contractors understand and control these risks.

Access AGC webinar and podcast recordings on construction risk management issues, free for you to download. Also check out the latest AGC/FMI reports on the risk environment in the construction industry and substantive legal papers on “hot topics” presented by top-rated lawyers at recent AGC meetings. Read and subscribe to AGC Risk Management SmartBrief to stay on top of industry news and trends.
NEW! Use the navigation bar on the left to review a collection of articles on COVID-19 Insurance Coverage for losses resulting from the coronavirus and a wealth of Crisis Response and Communication Resources that any construction firm can use before, during and after any crisis situation.
AGC meetings on surety bonding and construction risk management provide unique opportunities for the thought leaders in the construction, surety and insurance industries to meet and interact with each other regularly. Attendees benefit from a combination of plenary sessions, breakout sessions and roundtable discussions intended to encourage dialogue on the latest developments in all three industries and the lessons being learned from them. Find out more about AGC’s annual January conference at

Quick Resources for Contractors

The Associated General Contractors of America

OSHA – Occupational Safety & Health Administration

AGC Texas Building Branch

AGC CompGroup

Constructor Magazine

City of Corpus Christi

CICA is your source for plain language explanations of environmental rules for the construction industry.

Texas A&M Corpus Christi Career Center

Frequently Used City Documents for Commercial Contracting

Memorandum 2015  IECC Commercial Pre/Post Submittal Requirements

Commercial Building Permit Application

Energy Code Compliance

General Contractor Registration Form

Submittal Checklist

Taps Application

Water Tap & Meter Sizing


Construction Stormwater Permit Contact Information

If you need assistance with the Construction General Permit (CGP) NPDES eReporting Tool (NeT) Notice of Intent (NOI) system, please contact the helpdesk below:

CDX Registration Questions:

Domestic Callers: (888) 890-1995 [8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (EST)

NeT-CGP Questions:

Domestic Callers: (866) 352-7755 [8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (EST)]

If you have questions regarding the construction or industrial stormwater programs or for noncompliance reporting, please contact your applicable EPA Regional office:

For all other inquiries, please contact Rachel Urban ( (202) 564-2649


Miscellaneous Links

CISA Services Catalog version 2.0

Silica Resources

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a set of 53 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide guidance to employers and employees regarding OSHA’s respirable crystalline silica standard for construction. Through the Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC), the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) was heavily involved in the formulation of these FAQs. The development of the FAQs stemmed from litigation filed against OSHA by numerous construction industry trade associations – including AGC – challenging the legality of OSHA’s rule. OSHA has also agreed to issue a Request for Information (RFI) on Table 1 to revise the Table to improve its utility. AGC will continue to look for ways to work with OSHA to improve the workability of this significant rule.

The FAQs are extensive and organized by topic. A short introductory paragraph is included for each group of questions and answers to provide background information about the underlying regulatory requirements. A four-page document with some of the clarifications and a PDF version of all the FAQs has also been created. AGC encourages its members to review all of the FAQs to assist in their compliance efforts. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Cannon at (703)837-5410 or You can also contact Nazia Shah at (703)837-5409 or

  • Connector.

    Silica in the Workplace

    View website

  • Connector.

    Silica Exposure in the Workplace Video

    View video

Safe + Sound Campaign

Safe + Sound Campaign

  • Safe + Sound is a year-round campaign that encourages every workplace to have a safety and health program that incorporates elements of management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards.
  • Successful safety and health programs can proactively identify and manage workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness.
  • Keeping workers safe and sound is good for our families and our communities.
  • Implementing a safety and health program can improve businesses’ safety and health performance, save money, and improve competitiveness.
  • Successful safety and health programs can identify and manage workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness.
  • Implementing a meaningful safety and health program takes dedicated planning, but even incremental improvements are valuable.
  • Safe + Sound is supported by a team of seven organizers, as well as almost 230 partner organizations, and individuals businesses who are committed to raising awareness about workplace safety and health.


Safe + Sound Week

  • From August 9-15, 2021 the U.S. Department of Labor will join businesses across the country for Safe + Sound Week, a nationwide event that recognizes the successes of workplace health and safety programs and offers information and ideas on how to keep America’s workers safe.
  • The weeklong event encourages employers to highlight employee contributions to improving workplace safety, as well as to launch new safety initiatives.
  • Safe + Sound Week highlights the improvements in workplace safety and health across the country and raises awareness of the importance of safety in the workplace.
  • Organizations of any size or in any industry looking for an opportunity to show their commitment to safety to workers, customers, the public, or supply chain partners should participate.
  • In 2020, more than 3,400 businesses participated in Safe + Sound Week.
  • Share your Safe + Sound Week activities on social media using #SafeAndSoundAtWork. Participants can use sample posts from the social media toolkit, which is available in English and Spanish.

How to Participate

  • Host a private event for your workplace or an event that is free and open to the public.
  • Participate in a public event in your state or nationwide.
  • Activities should directly relate to safety and health, engage your workers, and be adapted to how your workplace is currently operating.
  • Review the Participate in Safe + Sound Week document for ideas on how to participate. The document is also available in Spanish.



Helpful Links

Harvey Relief Efforts: Members in the Community

We have created a form for those in need of services to fill out and we will match you with members who can provide support or assistance.

Our mission is to assist you as you rebuild, with the outpouring of community support also comes unskilled and unknowledgeable contractors. We recommend that you choose a local contractor for at least these various reasons. Local contractors know our Coastal/State building codes, who know the windstorm regulations and who work with and have access to resources close by. Supporting local business allows our community the opportunity to thrive.

Download the form and send it back to us via email or USPS by clicking the “Downloadable PDF” button below, or simply fill out our form online here.

**UPDATED**Construction Storm water Permit Contact Information

Downloadable PDF
Online Work Order

Harvey Relief Efforts: Contractors in the Community

FOR A CONTRACTOR YOU CAN COUNT ON… Here is a list of current AGC Member Companies

Local and Incoming Contractors must register with City Building Departments!

City of Aransas Pass

City of Beeville

City of Corpus Christi

City of Ingleside

City of Port Aransas

City of Portland

City of Victoria

AGC Charities – Hurricane Harvey

AGC Charities Inc. begin accepting contributions from member firms and AGC chapters from across the country to help members of the AGC of America family whose lives have been disrupted by Hurricane Harvey. Their intention is to provide equal-sized grants to employees of AGC member firms and AGC chapter staff to offset some of the costs incurred by having their primary residence damaged or destroyed by the storm.

Over the coming weeks AGC Charities, Inc. plan to work with all of our AGC Members and their employees who had their primary residence severely damaged or destroyed by the Hurricane and subsequent flooding.

Below is a description of the criteria for deciding who qualifies for assistance and a form applicants will need to complete and e-mailed to Amy Lee, Executive Director at

We expect to be able to begin awarding these Hurricane Harvey grants by the end of the year.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund EligibilityHurricane Harvey Relief Application

If you or anyone you know has provided FREE assistance

If you or anyone you know has provided FREE assistance to our area, such as volunteer clean-up, food, equipment or materials, in-kind donations, etc.  Please mail or deliver this information to the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce, 319 Broadway, Rockport, TX  78382.  They are compiling this information for the local government entities to share with FEMA.  Upon receipt, FEMA will put a monetary figure against the assistance/donation and apply it towards our share of the cost of recovery efforts. 

Hurricane and Disaster Relief Services

Many of our fellow citizens along the Texas Gulf Coast felt the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. The Associated General Contractors South Texas Chapter is here to better serve our community as we rebuild our city together. Contractors are playing a key role in repairing the damage and restoring services after Hurricane Harvey battered south Texas. We recommend to choose local contractors who are established in the community and well recognized for the quality of work.
We are here to support and assist you as you rebuild. It’s building done right the first time!