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Volunteers play a vital role in the development of key programs, resources, events, and initiatives. As we work to advance the construction industry through advocacy, education, and various initiatives, we need your help to make the progress that we need.

AGC is looking for members like you to raise your hand and sign up as a volunteer. AGC volunteers share their expertise, lead change, and work together to address industry issues. Your input and ideas are critical to moving our industry forward and making a real difference.
Consider signing up to participate on one of AGC’s Action Teams. Whether you have a lot of time, or just a little, there is an opportunity for everyone.

Take a seat at the table, spread the word, and make an impact today!

“Getting involved [in AGC of America] is one of the best things I have done to further both my professional and personal growth. I’ve met friends and mentors from throughout the country, expanded my network tremendously and had the opportunity to engage in philanthropic opportunities I never knew existed.”Gaines Moorer, Lakeview Risk Partners, LLC, CLC Steering Committee Chair

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AGC Action Teams

AGC South Texas Chapter Action Team Descriptions

AGC South Texas Action Teams play an integral role in advancing the mission and goals of the association. Joining an action team provides members with great networking opportunities as well as supporting the needs of membership and construction industry by sharing their talents and expertise. All AGC South Texas Members are encouraged to make a difference by serving on action teams. Make the most of your membership and get involved today!

• Be the face and voice of the construction industry in South Texas.
• Engage with local organizations connected to the construction industry.
• Establish and promote partnerships and identify opportunities for chapter participation/advancement.
• Identify local political efforts affecting the construction industry and serve as a liaison/representative to local government agencies including the City of Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce, Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation, Port of Corpus Christi, and NAS-CCAD.
• Identify and participate in public works and local government issues.
• Design initiatives that will help further the mission of the AGC.
• Work with the AIA, Texas Society of Professional Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, Associated Builders & Contractors, and other industry trade organizations to develop networking and education, as well as opportunities to streamline business processes.
• Facilitate pertinent informational sessions by other organizations for our membership including technology, safety, codes, economic development, etc.
• Identify and schedule volunteering opportunities for our membership that may promote/advance AGC in the community.
• Advise AGC members of new marketing opportunities, marketing techniques and marketing possibilities.
• Supplement the staff in branding, messaging, and public relations efforts.
• Improve understanding to the profession and association through a variety of public outreach efforts, marketing, and public relations.
• Serve as an advisor to the Construction Leadership Council Board as needed
• Must have at least 20 years in industry leadership to be on this Action Team.
• Serve as a mentor to a Construction Leadership Council member and schedule a personal meeting at least twice a year to offer industry experience and guidance
• Participate in an annual forum for early to mid-career construction professionals to exchange ideas on special issues facing the industry and offer experience and expertise to foster future leadership skills
• Attend Construction Leadership Council events, offer support through networking and promote the organization to industry peers.
• Identify and address workforce development and labor shortages for the construction industry in South Texas.
• Engage our chapter in partnerships that will jointly pursue a solution to our workforce development issues including Corpus Christi ISD and other local ISD’s, Del Mar College and other local vocational/junior colleges, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and other universities, Craft Training Center and other skilled labor training entities, Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend and other local workforce development boards, and other non-profit entities like Coastal Compass.
• Promotes interest in construction careers.
• Provide opportunities for the educational advancement of our membership in the fields of safety, technology, enhancing job-site performance, apprenticeships, management, and leadership skills, etc.
• Sits on OJ Beck Scholarship Selection Action Team and make budgetary decisions, offer support, and promote and encourage the educational pursuits and goals of individuals applying for AGC scholarship awards, grants, etc.
• Support of AGC Student Chapter(s).
• Facilitate AGC Bricklayer Apprentice Program.
• Work to identify and address issues affecting regional K-12 school construction.
• Enables educators and construction businesses to work together to ensure that our school system in providing a qualified workforce.
• Explore and implement programs to help the education Action Team to prepare students for the workforce.
• Foster, promote, develop, and implement policies and programs in such a manner as to develop an adequate supply of qualified workers in the most expeditious, economical, and practical manner.
• Assist in the planning and execution of AGC’s annual events including, but not limited to the Awards Ceremony, AIA/AGC Mixer, Golf & Fishing Tournaments, Membership Matters Luncheon, Gun Sales, BBQ Cook-Off & Silent Auction and Lunch & Learn/Mixers.
• Actively participate in at least two events per year.
• Evaluate the member relevance of events and make future planning recommendations.
• Identify event sponsorship opportunities from businesses outside of the AGC, as well as current members.
• Recruit individual event teams and volunteers.
• Makes recommendations for awards and recognitions and handle the process for selection with integrity.
• Identify and recruit potential new members that meet the qualifications of membership to grow our chapter.
• Assist with the planning and promotion required to maintain current member satisfaction and retain current members.
• Strengthens and enhances the chapter by reaching out to prospective and existing members to share benefits and encourage participation. Action Team members bring a commitment and willingness to promote AGC as the voice of the commercial construction industry.
• Evaluate the value we offer to members and suggest opportunities to enhance member benefits/increase value.
• Welcome new members to the organization and initiate member involvement with personal communication.
• Identify territory growth opportunity to engage in communities outside of Corpus Christi, but within the South Texas AGC 22-county chapter boundary.
• Identify and recommend future leaders to the Board of Directors.
• Focuses on recruitment and retention.
• Considers missing segments of membership and create campaigns for growth.
• Considers the portfolio of member benefits, return on investments compared to dues paid, and monitors the “member experience.”
• Review affinity-endorsed benefits and seek a meaningful benefit or service that acts as a “golden handcuff.”
• Recruit new members by developing a sustainable growth plan, and at the same time to monitor retention.
• Continually monitor member needs and the value of membership; adjusting benefits and services accordingly.
• Oversees the budgetary process by preparing an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors and monitoring income and expenses throughout the year.
• Help Executive Board perform effectively its Fiduciary and oversight roles in: ensuring reliable financial reporting and reducing risk, and maintaining donor and public confidence.
• Monitors the finances of the AGC, reviews the financial statements monthly, examines revenue expenses, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.
• Oversee and invest AGC’s liquid assets
• Oversees processes and policies that guide and protect financial resources, including investments.
• Assist the Board and Staff in fulfilling its oversight responsibility for a periodic audit and financial reporting.
• Responsible for interfacing with the independent CPA reviewing the finances.
• Safety Action Team to serve the safety, health and environmental needs of the AGC and its membership.
• Review of important developments in safety and share lessons learned through safety.
• Coordinate relevant presentations from a safety expert (OSHA, supplier, safety expert, etc…).
• Provides information and discussion about current construction safety issues.
• Action Team members are dedicated to supporting the enhancement of jobsite safety at every level.
• Each meeting is structured to provide information and training to address the challenges of maintaining a safe and healthful workplace in today’s fast- paced environment. Our meetings are represented by a diverse group of safety professionals from multiple sectors of the commercial construction industry, including GC’s, subcontractors, vendors, specialty contractors, legal experts, medical providers and OSHA representatives.
• Give and gain valuable insight to complex issues that affect jobsite safety. Join industry professionals, as well as OSHA representatives, as they discuss issues and regulations that affect the commercial construction industry.
• Works to improve industry safety and advises the association on policy matters related to safety and health.
• Continue to improve construction industry performance through the diffusion of proven, effective safety techniques for AGC members.
• Discuss timely workplace topics.
• Develop and revise balanced contract documents and related materials originated by AGC and to review contract documents and related materials or other organizations for comment and/or potential AGC endorsements.
• Define services performed by AGC contractor members and develop guidelines to those services.
• Assist and provide guidance to AGC and its members on Risk Management issues and processes.
• Review, edit and interpret the Bylaws and report to the Executive Committee and the Board on all proposed revisions and interpretations of the Bylaws while promoting, securing, and maintaining the highest ethical standards.
• Responsible for reviewing and maintaining the governing documents and for recommending amendments.
• Advance diversity in the workforce.
• Help small and minority companies grow their business while increasing the capacity of a broad array of diverse firms in the region.
• Communicate that AGC promotes the growth and development of small, minority and women business enterprises and seeks to increase their participation in the industry and the association; to design and implement alternatives to ineffective government programs for small, minority and women business enterprises, with the goal of helping such firms become and remain competitive; to encourage and support equal opportunity for all construction firms to compete for all available work without regard to size, race, gender or any other factor unrelated to price or performance; and, to eliminate barriers to equal opportunity, including special preference procurement programs.
• Encourage ethical conduct of the members by providing information non-binding ethics opinions, and to recommend and/or review proposed changes to the Code of Standards.
• Serve as a representative on the Specialty Contractors Council by:
o Improve the environment for specialty contractors within the construction community.
o Establish dialog and communication with general contractors to discuss business issues.
o Enhance the voice of specialty contractors within the association and industry.
o Participate in construction education events to further the professional development and advance of the specialty contractor.
o “Represent, inform, and educate specialty contractors of the AGC South Texas Chapter in order to better the construction industry in the local market.”
• Strives to offer current, relevant, educational experiences for our members and to promote interest in construction education among educators and construction and encourages dialog between them.
• Supports and develops of on-going education and informational seminars of local relevance via in person workshops, online learning, and webinars.
• Development of continuing education and academic programs for construction education at all levels.
• to promote AGC of America’s trainings (STP, BIM, etc.)
• ensures the quality and promoted diverse delivery methods to increase members competencies and compliance.
• Developing and ensuring the highest quality of events and education offered to members and non-members.
• Strive to continually be aware of industry trends and members’ needs.
• Monitors government on all levels (local, state, and national) and lobbies on behalf of the construction community. Your input in this process is welcomed as we review critical issues that impact your business.
• Responsible for identifying legislative issues of high importance to the business community and responsibility for the creation and implementation of the AGC’s legislative agenda.
• Monitors and keeps members informed pending legislation of business interest at the federal, state, and local levels in order to anticipate construction industry community impact.
• Provide liaison between contractors and representatives of those agencies of the Federal Government which award and sponsor building construction.
• To promote the interests of AGC contractors working in all markets through market development, advocacy and lobbying activities, and by maintaining liaison relationships with relevant government agencies and other organizations, and construction associations.
• To carry out the legislative policy of the association; to represent AGC before Congress; to recommend ways and means of reaching legislative process; to urge the AGC chapters, members and staff to become involved in legislative matters and to know their local, state, and national legislators, and to recommend ways of presenting AGC’s point of view in a constructive and effective manner before legislative committees and before individual members of Congress.
• Monitor and analyze the tax, fiscal and monetary policies of the federal government to determine their effect on the construction industry.
• Responsible for identifying issues, developing positions, influence, and engaging members through grassroots efforts.
• Ensure that there is adequate monitoring, lobbying and oversight on state legislative and regulatory issues that could affect the association and members. And make recommendations to the board on official positions.
• Helps to promote construction in South Texas and works side-by-side with government and industry leaders on their infrastructure issues.
• Liaison between contractors and the Corps of Engineers on matters of mutual interest and to maintain continuing discussion with Corps representatives on specifications, contract administration, standard contract documents, bidding procedures, and governmental regulations.
• To establish liaison between building contractors and appropriate representatives of private building owners for the discussion of all aspects of their respective building programs.
• Provide liaison between contractors and public and private owners on matters affecting all building construction.
• Review and recommend AGC policy on matters concerning building construction and to meet with development services officials and city manager.
• Provide a forum for the exchange of information on matters of mutual concern.
• To coordinate AGC liaison with the American Institute of Architects. Comprised of AGC South Texas Chapter and American Institute of Architects members, this group provides a forum for the design and construction community to discuss pertinent industry issues. Members are chosen by current Action Team members only.

• Action Teams will be comprised of at least:
o One AGC Board of Directors
o Two at-large members from the general membership
o One AGC South Texas Chapter Staff Member
o Action Team members must be employed by a current paid member of AGC South Texas
• All positions will be nominated and voted on by the Action Team, excluding the Chair which will be held by the Char-Elect.
• All decisions of the Action Teams will be made through a consensus building process. The Action Team desires to make every effort to reach consensus within the group. In the event no consensus can be reached, the majority will rule. A 2/3 vote of the attending members will be effective in solidifying an important decision.
• Action Teams have no authority to represent or contract for the organization, nor speak for the Board of Directors.
• Have a desire to serve on the Action Team to advance the local construction industry and the AGC South Texas Chapter.
• Serve a one-year calendar term on the selected Action Team.
• Attend Action Team meetings as scheduled.
• Obtain approval from your supervisor to ensure organizational support of your commitment.
• Complete and submit a signed Action Team participation form.
• Fulfill the assigned tasks/personal commitments made to the Action Team.
• Notify the Action Team chair if unable to attend a scheduled meeting.
• All Action Team members and their companies must be members of AGC South Texas Chapter and in good standing with the association.
• Members are required to attend 75% of meetings to continue to serve on the Action Team.
• Follow the scope of work provided by the AGC Board of Directors that align with AGC’s strategic plan.
• Determines work plan and groups to accomplish Action Team’s goals
• Provide professional content expertise when the opportunity arises
• Make recommendations to the board to help AGC accomplish its Strategic Plan
• Makes recommendations to changes in AGC policies
• Monitors industry trends, Action Team compliance with AGC policies, budgeted expenses as to not exceed.
• Action Teams will meet on their own schedule.
• Ensure members follow through with implementation of all assigned tasks.
• Meeting notices are sent to Action Team members and team liaisons by e-mail, phone, or letter; date/time changes will be announced with advance notice.
• May meet more often if needed to achieve the Action Team mission
• Hold “open meetings” so that any interested members may attend, but not required to announce meetings to general membership
• Provide information and reports to the AGC Board of Directors at a Board of Directors meeting.
• Meet with staff liaison or board liaison prior to establish how the year’s work (charges by the board) should be accomplished, including how the Action Team will be organized, timing of meetings, expectations, metrics, deadlines, etc.
• Coordinate and cooperate with any related Action Teams.
• Monitor and evaluate the performance of Action Team members (do they attend, do they follow through, etc.)
• Budget requests should be submitted to the executive director for action to take place on the proposed expense.
• All proposed expenditures or commitment of Organization funds must have Board approval.
• Prepare an agenda and distribute it in advance of the meeting to Action Team members. In formulating the agenda, be sure that members giving reports plan to be in attendance. Include on the agenda a report by the team liaison.
• Maintain attendance records for all meetings
• Appoint an Action Team member to serve as “secretary” to prepare the minutes. The secretary should submit typed minutes to the Action Team chair no later than 7 days after the meeting. The chair should send a final version to the staff liaison, Action Team members, board liaison. A permanent record of all Action Team minutes is maintained in the AGC office.
• The Action Team does not have authority to use AGC letterhead without explicit approval.
• Maintain contact and keep the liaisons informed about the work of the Action Team and any special matters of interest.
• Respond to all correspondence from the AGC in a timely fashion.
• Help identify future leaders.
• Be familiar with Board’s governing policies related to Action Team’s that relate to the work of the Action Team, including communications and expenditures.
• Be familiar with the objective and activities of the Action Team.
• Be familiar with the general responsibilities of all Action Teams.
• Plan to attend all meetings of your Action Team. In you cannot, advise the chair in advance of the meeting.
• Complete assignments on a timely basis. Be accountable for your commitments.
• Reproduce handouts to be distributed at the meeting in advance of the meeting.
• Seek help on interpretations or questions.
• Contact team liaison to reserve a room for Action Team meetings.
• If an Action Team member is unable to attend a full Action Team meeting to give a report, a substitute should be designated to give the report.
• Send copies of all correspondence to the liaisons or staff.
• Abide by the policy on public statements, especially regarding official communications and speaking for the AGC.
• Take an active role in supporting all AGC activities and major events and promote participation and attendance to others.

To join an Action Team fill out a AGC Action Team Participation Form by clicking the button below. Submit completed forms to Amy Lee at

Action Team Participation Form

AGC Board of Directors Past Presidents

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