AGC-Texas Building Branch (TBB) is located in Austin and functions as the legislative office for all Texas AGC building chapters in the state of Texas. TBB acts as a legislative representative and capitol presence for Texas AGC building chapters and maintains relationships with state agencies important to the building contractor and relationships with other professional organizations. It is TBB’s mission to allow AGC building contractors to speak with one voice in the construction industry in Texas with the expressed purpose of legislative involvement.
The Building Branch maintains constant contact with all state agencies affecting the construction industry, including regulatory agencies, awarding authorities, and executive agencies. The Branch also ensures that the Attorney General’s opinions affecting the construction industry have input from AGC before they are rendered. Texas Building Branch publishes a a complete bonds and liens manual consisting of sections on private work, public work, and federal work. The Building Branch distributes information to chapters and contractors about each piece of legislation that affects their business. It coordinates efforts in support of or in opposition to bills, and has sponsored bills important to contractors – such as the legislation concerning interest on retainage on public works, rewriting the state’s public and private lien laws, prompt pay, sovereign immunity, cost of goods sold and the statute of limitations which limits contractor and subcontractor liability on completed projects.

In January of 1974 AGC Texas Building Branch was incorporated, with E. Wayne Hall as its Executive Director, to serve as a legislative office for the AGC building chapters of Texas. E. Wayne Hall served as Executive Director until his retirement in 1988. At that time Jim Sewell took over as the Director of TBB and held that position until his retirement in 2007. Mike Chatron is the current President of AGC Texas Building Branch. In the more than forty years since it’s incorporation AGC Texas Building Branch has worked diligently to enact state legislation that will benefit the commercial building industry in Texas.

AGC Texas Building Branch:
was responsible for passing the first state-wide comprehensive bidding laws;
was responsible for payment of interest by public agencies on retainage of more than 5%;
was in the forefront on workers’ comp reform. In particular, the rewriting of the state safety laws, and the regulations to implement these laws;
sponsored and worked for passage of a law prohibiting architects and engineers from requiring contractors to hold AlE’s harmless from liability for damages resulting from architect and engineer professional duties;
was responsible for a law establishing a 10 year statute of limitations against claims for damages resulting from the contractor’s work;
successfully sponsored legislation prohibiting the altering or changing of bids after they had been opened;
has consistently been the leader in protecting contractor’s rights under Texas Lien Laws.

Important Recent AGC Legislation

Original Alternative Delivery Legislation for Public & Higher Education – SB 583
Alternative Dispute Resolution by State Agencies Legislation – SB 694

SOAH Legislation for State Construction Contract Disputes – sunset bill
Clean up of Alternative Delivery Legislation – SB 669

Alternative Delivery Legislation for Local Governmental Entities – SB 510
Alternative Delivery Legislation for State Agencies – GSC Sunset
Competitive bidding threshold changed from $15,000 to $25,000 – HB 197 & HB 2863
Surety name on bond – HB 548
Electronic bid submission – HB 1981

Mold remediation legislation – HB 329
Public prompt pay legislation revisions – HB 2397
County Sovereign Immunity legislation – SB 1017

Mold remediation legislation – HB 329
Public prompt pay legislation revisions – HB 2397
County Sovereign Immunity legislation – SB 1017

Local government Sovereign Immunity legislation – HB 2039
SOAH Legislation amended to permit payment of claims of $250,000 or less – HB 1940
School district construction crews (Joshua ISD) – HB 1826
Municipalities issue building permits on a timely basis – HB 265 & HB 266
Asbestos & silica legislation – SB 15
Texas Emissions Reduction Program – HB 2481

Condominium construction defect legislation – HB 3147
Recovery of attorney’s fees if contractor prevails – HB 1268
Safe school bill amendment for emergencies – SB 9
Theft of precious metals – HB 1766

Recovery of attorney fees for local governmental entities & raising competitive bidding threshold to $50,000 – HB 987
School background check amendment clarifying responsibility for checks – HB 2730
Amend local preference legislation to contracts of $100,000 – HB 2082
Construction Trust Fund statute – HB 1513
Fraudulent mechanic lien legislation – HB 669
Increase penalties for theft of precious metals – HB 348

Alternative Delivery consolidation bill – HB 628
School background checks technical correction – HB 398/SB 1042
Retainage on construction projects – HB 1390
Public Private Partnerships – SB 1048
Consolidate Insurance Programs/Indemnification amendment – HB 2093
Use of school funds to build hotels – SB 764

Franchise Tax – “Cost of Goods Sold” – Rule 3.588
State Breach of Contract – HB 586 by Representative Workman
Employee Misclassification – HB 2015 by Representative John Davis
Cooperative Purchasing Networks – HB 1050 by Representative Callegari

-$3 billion of higher ed construction projects – HB 100
-$2 billion of state commercial construction projects in addition to the higher ed work – SB 2004
-Construction Manager at Risk clarification of use of governmental entity’s use of architect or engineer – HB 2634
-P3’s establishes Center for Alternative Finance & Procurement – HB 2475
-Franchise Tax – across-the-board 25% business tax cut – HB 32
-Construction of big data centers in Texas luring away from other states – HB 2712
-Protecting contractors from condo defects liability, requiring notice and right to cure – HB 1455
-Comptroller Glenn Hegar appointed AGC-TBB General Counsel Corbin Van Arsdale to represent the commercial construction industry on taxation on the Comptroller’s newly-created Business Advisory Group.

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