Since 1918, contractors throughout the country have relied on AGC to support their businesses, find new projects, and help shape the laws impacting the industry.
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AGC South Texas Chapter Membership

An ideal membership for companies looking for growth opportunities that lead to sales, referrals, partnerships and new business endeavors.
Recommend for businesses interested in developing long-term, sustainable relationships through networking. Your business will prosper and you will contribute to a vibrant region and share in the benefits of a growing economy.
Whether you are a General Contractor, a Specialty Contractor, Supplier or provide a service to the construction profession - your needs and interests come first here at the AGC South Texas Chapter.

As a member of AGC South Texas, you’re an important part of a community that embraces the merit shop philosophy. We’re focused on what matters most to you — helping you develop the best employees, win and deliver work safely, and operate ethically and profitably for the betterment of the South Texas community.


The Associated General Contractors South Texas Chapter is a non-profit trade association of qualified construction contractors, subcontractors, and industry related companies committed to our motto of skill, integrity, and responsibility. Serving 22 counties in the South Texas area, the AGC South Texas Chapter provides services that include information on projects, advocacy, professional development and safety services resulting in excellence from dedicated contractors leading the industry.
We are committed to providing construction support for our member’s businesses through networking events, lobbying for contractors protection, offering trainings, and economic vitality for our area.

What we do:
Advocate on behalf of Members.
Expand awareness with current and future workforce.
Promote and enhance business growth and prosperity.
Provide relevant benefits, services, and educational opportunities for Members.
Strengthen the bond between General Contractors and Specialty Contractors.
Position and brand the membership as an entity of industry excellence.
Foster collaborations with industry professionals.
Maximize membership opportunities for growth and loyalty.
Collaborate with the diverse group of industry allies.
Educate members to give distinct advantage and improve bottom line.

AGC Members Include:

Join Now and Experience the Benefits of Being an AGC South Texas Member

AGC South Texas Chapter, one of 89 chapters nationwide, has over 125 members consisting of general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and service firms.  Nationally, AGC represents more than 27,000 firms, including 7,500 of America’s leading general contractors, and 12,000 specialty-contracting firms. Over 14,000 service providers and suppliers are also associated with AGC, through a nationwide network of chapters.

When you join AGC South Texas, your company joins forces with the best players in the South Texas construction industry promoting building quality and best practices. As a member of AGC you have the benefit and experience of nearly 80 years of representing and promoting the interests of the construction industry locally, statewide and nationally. While many of the most valuable benefits that come from joining forces with AGC are intangible, you will be shocked at all this one-stop-shop for resources, products and information we have to offer. The services offered give you a complete membership package that provides bottom line results and a profitable return on your investment. We’re always adding more reasons for you to become a part of the AGC.

Membership in AGC begins at the local level.  AGC has a nationwide network of chapters, each its own entity and offering a variety of services.  When you join a local AGC Chapter, you become a member of the national organization.  Being active at the local, state and national level is the best way to maximize your membership.We have two levels of membership based on the type of construction your company provides. We would be honored to have you join us!

Join AGC to see how our nearly 80 years of experience and resources can identify you as a leader in the commercial construction industry.

Applying for membership at AGC South Texas is a matter of 3 easy steps:

Complete Membership Application
Remit Dues Payment
Board Approval

Reasons To Join

For General Contractors

Membership opportunities exist for General Contractors, either individual, firms, partnerships, joint ventures or corporations who are engaged in Commercial General Contracting, and who have established a reputation of Skill, Responsibility and Integrity. This membership category is for general contractors whose principal line of work is building construction.  Dues are assessed and collected as “project fees” on the basis of each specific contract to be performed.

General Contractor Members pay an annual fee of $2,600, a portion of which pays your membership in Texas Building Branch and AGC of America. The minimum dues per year are $2,600 and will be credited towards volume dues reported. Additionally, general contractor members pay service fees (assessments) on each and every general construction prime contract and construction management contract awarded to them.  The service fee is approximately 1/10 of 1% of the contract amount.

Click here for further details on membership dues structure
Click here to download a Volume Fee Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet)

Download AGC Membership Application

For Associate Members

Associate membership opportunities exist for specialty contractors, suppliers and service providers. Annual dues are a flat rate of $1,100 per year.

Download AGC Membership Application
“Hi, This is Ben Molina City Council member for Corpus Christi and a proud member of the AGC. I really support the AGC and I’m really appreciative of all their efforts in keeping us up to date with COVID. And also for the Networking opportunities and project leads. I think it’s important that we all come together as members of the AGC we help each other and support each other and the AGC of the Coastal Bend does a great job keeping us all connected.
Thank you to AGC.”City Council Member District 2, Ben Molina, Pinnacle Roofing Systems

5 Ways the AGC Logo Can Help You

Members are encouraged to use the logo anywhere you choose from your electronic email signature to jobsite signs.

Five ways the AGC logo can help you
Skill, Integrity & Responsibility—Since its founding in 1918, the first purpose of the AGC has been to make membership in the Association a reasonable assurance to the public of the skill, integrity and responsibility of its members.

Identification With Reliability—Experience has demonstrated that the AGC logo is recognized as identifying the responsible contractor and national associate member.

Reliable Documents Reflect Forward-Looking Attitude—Every document published by the AGC reflecting credit upon the industry and its members clearly displays the emblem and more firmly establishes AGC members as forward-looking men and women.

The Contractor Behind the AGC Logo Is Reliable—The AGC public relations program is directed toward demonstrating to the public and those who influence the award of construction contracts that the AGC logo identifies contractors of reliability and dependability and is an assurance of skillful performance.

Identification With Improvement of Industry Service—The AGC logo identifies those contractors and associates who are working toward the improvement of conditions in their industry and toward a better construction service, which benefits the public.