The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) was established to fulfill the need to cultivate the next generation of leaders in the construction industry at the local and national levels.

The CLC is a service of the AGC South Texas Chapter and is available to young professionals employed but AGC South Texas Member Companies. The purpose of the CLC is to act as a conduit for participants to network, exchange ideas about work and the industry, serve local communities and continuing education which includes both professional development and leadership skills.  The CLC is dedicated to mentoring the future leaders and aids the industry by highlighting its future leaders, supporters, and voice.

CLC Newsletter: CLC Leadership-LINK

This monthly newsletter is designed to keep CLC members informed of national news and to provide a platform for local Chapters to share their stories and successes. Click here to read the latest edition

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Why Join the CLC?

Because it’s a group designed for you to:

  • Grow professionally
  • Network with peers
  • Learn about local projects and business practices through site visits
  • Expand your knowledge through educational speakers
  • Provide and opportunity to attend National CLC events
  • Socialize at CLC Mixers
  • Learn more about the industry through professional development lunch seminars
  • Provides and opportunity to benefit the community through volunteer opportunities such as career fairs, classroom involvment and community building improvments.

CLC Membership Application

Is there a fee to belong?

Yes, there is a one time, annual fee per person. This fee will assist in securing quality presenters and meal and beverage services for educational programing and includes admission to all regular meetings, seminars and events.

Can I attend a CLC event if I am not a CLC Member?

Yes, there will be an event fee for most CLC meetings and events that feature a guest speaker and other events may incur a higher fee.

AGC Members can attend CLC sponsored events, meetings, programs at no charge.

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Michael Skrobarczyk, President/Marketing/Social Media Chair, Fulton* Coastcon General Contractors
Michael Skrobarczyk was born and raised in Corpus Christi and graduated high school from Incarnate Word Academy in 2005. He graduated college with a Bachelors in Construction Science in 2010 from Texas A&M University College Station. After graduation from Texas A&M in 2010, Michael moved to Dallas and worked for Hunt Construction Group as an Assistant Superintendent. In 2013, Michael moved back to Corpus Christi and currently works for Fulton Construction. He is currently working as a Project Manager on the renovation & expansion of Driscoll Children’s Hospital. Michael is also currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administration from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and planning to graduate in May 2019. Michael joined the Construction Leadership Council in 2017 and is looking forward to helping lead the effort for younger generations to become more involved in the construction industry. Michael enjoys bow hunting, fishing, and traveling when he gets free time. His favorite quote is “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” – Greg Reid

Michael Bussell is from Corpus Christi and graduated high school from Flour Bluff in 2006. He graduated college with a Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering from Texas A&M University Kingsville in 2012. After graduation, Michael went to work for Ambrose Construction as a Project Manager / Estimator located in Corpus Christi. Ambrose Construction focuses on the commercial construction industry as a concrete subcontractor. They specialize in suspended concrete slabs, etc. Michael joined the Construction Leadership Council in 2016 and is looking forward for our chapter to step up in our community and look for future leaders and skilled labors to make our community the best that we all know it can be. Michael enjoys playing golf whenever he has free time. His favorite quote is “Just remember, you cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Mathew Crawford, Records Chair, STBP, Inc.
Info coming soon!


Kylie Claxton, Events Chair, SitePro Rentals

Kylie Claxton was born in California and raised in Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. She graduated from Colorado State University-Global in 2010 with her Bachelor’s in Project Management. Kylie worked for Granite Construction in California as a Regional Equipment Manager and then at Herc Rentals in North Dakota as a Branch Manager. She is currently working at SitePro Rentals in Corpus Christi as a Branch Manager. Kylie joined the Construction Leadership Council because she wanted to be a part of an association that truly strives to make a mark in the construction world and an impact on young leaders in America. She would like to assist with growing the CLC and bringing it back to the forefront of leaders in our industry. Kylie would like the younger generations to know that the industry is a difficult industry, but a rewarding. You are a part of building the world for the current and future generation. Everything you do has an impact on someone else’s life and each day is fulfilling I you remember the difference you are making. The construction industry is ever fluctuating, it will have many changes over the next 5 to 20 years. Technology will continue to advance and help aid in construction development. CLC and other groups need to focus on being presence and consistently involved with fundraising and community services that impact the community. Kylie enjoys all things that involve water. Her favorite quote is “You may not be the best you today, but always be a better you tomorrow.”

Austin Hagemann, Professional Development Chair, B.E. Beecroft Construction Co., Inc.
Austin Hagemann was born and raised in Portland, Texas. Austin completed his Bachelors in Construction Science from Texas A&M University College Station in May 2017. Austin has worked with Garney Construction, History Maker Homes, and is now currently working as a Project Manager for B.E. Beecroft Construction located in Corpus Christi. Austin joined the Construction Leadership Council in 2018 and looks forward to working closely with the younger generations and helping CLC focus more efforts on teaching high school students the importance of construction and how rewarding the construction industry can be. Austin enjoys spending time with his family, going to the beach, BBQing, hunting, and fishing. His favorite quote is “It is, what it is”.

Megan Hagemann, Financial Chair, AGC South Texas Chapter

Megan Hagemann was born and raised in Pennsylvania but ventured to Texas to attend college at Texas State University where she graduated with an International Business degree, and later graduated from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi with an Accounting degree. Megan has worked in many different fields within the Business sector, but mainly focused in Tax Accounting and Financial Management. However, her current position as Executive Assistant with the Associated General Contractors – South Texas Chapter and a husband in the construction industry; has led her to a position on the CLC board. Megan is looking forward to using her business background to help promote the CLC within the community, engage in networking events, and keep accurate financial records. As a teen, the promotion of higher education or trade school for the construction industry severely lacked in schools in Pa. It is her desire to make sure that the construction industry is properly represented in the school systems and especially made known to young women through this leadership council.
“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” – Robin Williams

Adam Houchin, Fundraising Chair, Ram Tool Construction Supply
Adam Houchin is from Corpus Christi and graduated High School from Calallen in 2010. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Business Management from Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi in 2014. After graduation, Adam began his career in outside sales working for Ram Tool Construction Supply. Ram Tool provides a daily service to contractors in the area to meet all of their supply needs and keep the job progressing forward. Adam joined the CLC in 2017 and is looking to meet other young and upcoming individuals in the local construction market and also encourage others to step up and be involved in bettering our community. Adam enjoys playing guitar, hunting, fishing, and playing golf whenever he has free time. His favorite quote is, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” -Wayne Gretzky

Amy Lee, Executive Director, AGC South Texas Chapter
Amy was born and raised in Idaho. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Oregon with a Major in Psychology. Her work experience includes Event Planning and over 10 years experience working with associations. Amy currently serves as the Executive Director for Associated General Contractors of South Texas. She has served and serves on numerous community boards and is the recipient of the 2017 Del Mar Community Service Award. Amy joined the Board of the Construction Leadership Council in 2016, serving as a liaison between the AGC and the CLC Members. Amy enjoys promoting the construction industry and bridging the gap between the community, youth, future leaders and current industry leaders. The opportunities available to those willing to commit to our industry provide a greatness we can all be proud of.
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Tommie Lee Jr., Events Chair, TL Electric, Mechanical and Plumbing
Tommie Lee Jr. (TJ) was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and attended high school at Medina Valley in San Antonio. TJ attended both Northwest Vista and Del Mar College. TJ worked in food service through high school and started working in electrical construction when he was 18 years old in San Antonio. A year later, TJ moved back to Corpus Christi and started working for TL Electric. TJ is currently working as an Electrical Construction Superintendent for TL Electric. TJ joined the Construction Leadership Council in 2018 to learn more from other leaders and expand his knowledge of construction. TJ enjoys working as an electrician especially knowing that his work is just as important as other trades and the sense of achievement he gets when seeing the final product such as light or a piece of equipment being energized. His words of wisdom for younger generations is that in construction there is always a purpose or reason to what you are building. Take pride and passion in the work you do. Always live and learn to be better and have the motivation to grow and strengthen your knowledge in a trade. Never settle for the minimum and don’t expect to start at the maximum.


Tessa Nix, Membership Chair, Reinforcing Steel Supply

Tessa Nix was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. She has worked in several very different industries but has found her most recent career path in construction sales extremely fulfilling. Tessa has been in construction sales for 3 years and is currently Outside Sales at RSS for reinforcing steel, concrete accessories and tools. She enjoys constantly learning about all parts of the construction/building process. Tessa believes there is no small job in construction. As a young woman in construction, she is always supportive of pushing other young women in construction to have the confidence to break barriers. Tessa joined the Construction Leadership Council in 2020 and believes in the value of networking and educating the younger generations of people coming into construction from all walks of life and paths being taken.  She believes that, although she has much to learn, she has learned so much already through the connections and relationships she has made in this industry and in the Construction Leadership Council.

“Do what you can to show you care about other people, and you will make the world a better place.”


Charles Zurovec, Community Service Chair, United Rentals, Inc.
Info coming soon!


The Construction Leadership Council thanks our sponsors for investing in the development and education of the future leaders in the construction industry.


The Construction Leadership Council, which was established to develop young leaders in the construction industry, created “Build Corpus Christi Day” as part of their professional development emphasis. The basic premise is simply a construction project that can be completed in one day that gives back to the community.

Submit an application to have CC Build Day help you!



Toys for Tots Fundraisers – CLC donated $500 in Toys for Tots in 2022

Driscoll Children’s Hospital – CLC raised $2000 from their annual Cornhole Tournament and donated it to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in 2022